Saturday, May 23, 2015

When in Brussels

We spent some time in Brussels and really weren't sure what to do.  The parks are excellent, so that of course filled lots of time.  Somewhere, we stumbled upon information about this Chocolate workshop at Zaabar.  We figured, well, if you are in Belgium, you have to do something with chocolate.

It was a good time.  We used toppings, fillings and spices to create decadent truffles, mendiants, and chocolate bars.  We were thrilled that the only offer was of dark chocolate.  As Butterfly Twirl said "Who can even eat milk or white chocolate?" 

The highlight probably was when our chocolate bars were done and we packaged them up just like real bars (see the pic.)  If you are in Brussels, definitely one of the better activities to fill the days. And as a bonus, ZaaBar isn't too far from the shopping.  I am sure I need some new shoes...

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