Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A little bit of home...

While we may be adventurers and explorers, it is always easier with a little bit of home. A favorite book, a familiar journal, a special bracelet can all provide comfort when the foreigness has become a bit overwhelming. But a little piece of home when we are out and about can be fun, too.

A great comfort for us, is a bookstore with books in English. We love bookstores back home, and while we certainly love to explore the used bookstores in French, after being surrounded by French it is comforting to walk into a store where we can read everything.

It was windy and chilly today and after many wonderful adventures, it was lovely to retreat n W.h. Smith which has a fantastic book selection, particularly in children's books. We could just retreat into a story for a bit. And we discovered many new books not readily seen in American bookstores to add to our wishlist. As soon as we return, we will be popping over to the local independent bookstore with a special order.

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