Thursday, April 23, 2015

Playgrounds and Pastries

Upon our arrival in Paris, there were two high priorities: pastries and playgrounds.  So, that's how we spent our first afternoon.  After a looooonnnnggggg   plane ride and unusual car ride, we finally arrived in our lovely apartment in Paris (thank you, Daniel, for a lovely place to stay and some delicious wine).   No one had slept more than 2 hours, but we decided to just go big (25,000 steps big according to my phone counter.)

We ducked out of the apartment for croissants.  They were good, although we would have better when we got more acclimated.  Still, when you are hungry and craving your first french pastry, you can't complain.

From there we trekked across to the Jardin du Luxembourg, the ultimate playground in Paris (the picture doesn't do it justice).  They do charge, but it is worth it.  There are TONS of climbing areas, a fun sand pit and this indescribable standing rope zipline.  It was a big hit. Rock Monkey also figured out how to be a "helper" without even speaking French.  I was super impressed with how both Rock Monkey and Butterfly Twirl played with a bunch of kids without relying on verbal communication.  It was a great start to what is likely to be an amazing adventure.

By DocRunning

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